Monday, November 11, 2013


We've been traveling a lot, and I mean a LOT in the last month. Probably too much for some people, but for me/us it's been good. I feel like I'm finally getting back to normal. My head feels clear, I feel joy again. That could be from the marriage retreat we attended this weekend, the thought that the hubby and I are finally getting back on the same page, or that doors are reopening for ministry opportunities.

My thoughts are all over the place. I feel like I have too much energy as I think ahead to the holidays with eager anticipation rather than fear or dread or anxiety even. My heart swells with joy and my eyes with tears as I see the evidences of God's grace and loving faithfulness invade my friends' lives. My heart breaks and bitter tears stain my cheeks as I mourn other friends' tragedies and difficulties. I want to help with everything, but know that my priority lies with my family.

I've recently been accused of putting too much focus and priority on my family. I've also been complimented on being family focused. That's just how life is I guess? Some people will despise what you're doing, and others will admire it. As long as I maintain my goal, and listen for God's calling, and respect my husband's leading, I will be happy with the fruits of my life. I want to plants seeds in my life, my husband's life an my son's life that I will ultimately be proud to reveal at harvest time!

A friend recently blogged that saying no to something is saying yes to another, and vice versa. I've been asking myself daily what I'm saying yes to that is causing me to say no to others. How can I be more productive with the time I have been so blessed with, and how can I manage and plan better for my future by listening to God's calling?

I was so cranky last week, and when the hubby asked what was wrong, I told him that God must be preparing my heart for something big. Scattered thoughts, that will hopefully culminate into a calling so beautiful that it is from The Almighty!

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